Introducing Data Design: where it came from and what it can do.

Data is at the heart of our global economy. In some senses, it practically is our economy. And it’s equally inescapable throughout society — an essential part of how we all live.

Take truth. Or privacy. Equality. Or progress. Data plays a pivotal role in the most vital of issues. And in the wrong hands, it can cause great harm. It has the power to mislead voters, suppress citizens and turn people into products.

A natural evolution

Signal Noise has been working at the intersection of data, design and technology for over a decade, helping people make sense of their complex world. And we still do.

Data and the future of design

Design as a discipline does not stand still. It shapes — and is shaped by — the world around it.

Reinventing how people see and use data

Data-Design of course puts data unmistakably at the centre of everything. It’s not about simply taking the data we’re given and making it beautiful. Instead we decide what we need, find it, then explore its potential from every angle. Building on our solid foundation of data visualisation, then pushing things further. Creating products and telling stories that change perspectives. Imagining new futures and mapping the way there.

How does it work? Data Design in practice:

When we collaborate with clients, we promise to trace a clear path from data to value.

This is Data Design.

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